Monday, March 14, 2011


Today we have a few areas to cover.
1) I was recognized for an honor by another blogger
2) We have changed our blog. It now contains 2 pages. This was due to questions about our packages and prices. Plus we have received emails asking if we offer  classes or workshops. All this information is now on our second page. Please check it out and let me know what you think about it.
3) We have tweaked the design of our blog. Nothing big just the color and also there is now a box from the red cross if you click on it you can donate to aid in the Japan Disaster fund.

I was very excited to find out I was recognized by another blogger, Sweepy Jean at . I was honored to find that my blog, as well as others, have been given the Versatile Blogger Award. Sweepy has a great blog where she, (in her own words), spills her guts to strangers!! How do you not want to follow that blog??? Visit her site and I know you'll follow and enjoy it.

With this award comes responsibility. I am to tell 7 things about myself and bestow the award on 7 other bloggers. Telling 7 things about myself should be easy, shouldn't it??? We shall see lol!!

1) I  am a photographer who loves photographing pretty much anything: weddings and other events, people, places and things.

2) I bought my first camera when Nixon was president of the USA. I still find it hard to print his name and not follow it with some four letter words!! ( Does this count as 2 things?)

3) My other creative skills are put into cooking: something my wife appreciates.

4) I am the oldest of 6 boys. An Italian family in the 60s and 70s tended to have big families.

5) My family owned a bakery and I was a baker until my mid twenties. At that point, I found out I was allergic to flour and decided a career change was in order.

6) My camera equipment is almost exclusively Nikon but I do use only Quantum flashes.

7) I teach one on one workshops in nature and portraiture photography in Florida.

My 7 Picks

1)  With me being a photographer it should not be a surprise that I picked a page where you can see some great photos.  The name of the blog is DAILY REFLECTION.  Mitzi is the creator and author of this really interesting blog.
Mitzi envisions her blog to be a place you can visit with your morning coffee and share in a few laughs or thought provoking subjects. Check it out you will start following it if you do not already.

2) This blog with the unusual name of Mixed Up Media is another photography blog. Mari Sterling Wilber is the author of this really wonderful blog. Her blog has some great images of the Pacific Northwest which is where she lives. Mari also offers tips on photography and with her being a published photographer, you can be sure she can really help you. 

3) Our next one is not a photography blog, although he does post many of his own images and is studying so that he can improve his photographic skills. But what his site is about is living with Acute Leukemia, something he is quite well versed in. He was diagnosed with it on Feb 8, 2010 and started the blog to detail his journey. His blog is a thesis on courage and inspiration.
You will be moved, you will be angered and you will most definitely be inspired.
This is a blog you should visit now and follow.

4)   The name of this blog is simply Memoirs. It is authored by a very interesting women. When you read her profile it states, " I am 18 with 28 years of life experience with 22 years in home engineering." After reading that you know this is a women with a unique take on life.
She lives in INdia and write poems on life, love, relationships, hope and grief all from the mind and heart of this remarkable lady.

5)  This blog is titled Journey and it is written by Rimly. When you read "  I was once young and full of life, enthusiastic blood pumping through my veins. I looked forward to embark on this journey called life, full of excitement, thrill and romance. Whenever people would ask my keeper “What do you want in life?” I would make her say “Oh I want excitement, I don’t want a boring life. I want to experience everything because ‘variety is the spice of life’ (that was my motto!). I sure wasn’t prepared for the roller coaster of a life I have had  sense." You know you will want to read more from this talented lady. Go now and read!!!

6) Ok so this is another photography blog !!! You have to admit I have courage to keep recommending all this competition !! This is a blog I just found over the weekend  and I really like her art. She is very talented. Go check her out!! But come back here. You hear me ..right??

7) The name of this blog is Holes in My Soles. All these interesting names for blogs, darn I need to change mine. Something like Memories  of my Journey with holes in my Film. Pretty catchy ?? You agree?? No ok here is something you will agree with me about.
This blog authored by Jim McIntosh out of the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand is a must follow.
Jim writes and photographs so many interesting subjects. Jim takes us along on his journeys past and present. Along the way you will learn about wildlife conservation and social issues around the world. His writing is excellent and his photography is exciting.( boy that was hard to write about another's photography :) 

So there they are our 7 blogs to follow and see why they received the latest Versatile Blogger award.
Read them and be entertained, enlightened , inspired and become involved in their worlds. It will be fun!!
 You seven blogger are no obligation to pass this honor on but please do if you can.


Jim said...

Wow this is great to wake up to and read. Such an honour to make it on the list particularly of someone who posts such fantastic pictures. I really feel photography and people who post about wildlife photography are the greatest influencers on public awareness of conservation issues. You attract so many readers to view your site, and reveal the true beauty of Nature in all its forms.
My photos pale in comparison. But my background in design, form and function as a custom shoemaker lend me an eye for a good scene to snap. I'm thrilled someone of your professional experience has taken the time to read and appreciate my site. So thanks for the award Jim. Love it.
And I do read a few of the other sites, and thanks for alerting me to the others.

Kriti said...

Sweepy is great Jim! And I also love all the blogs you mentioned : ) Good one ... And congrats on the second page...

Mari S. Wilbur said...

I love your new design. Thank you so much for the Versatile Blogger Award. I'm very flattered and appreciative.
Regards, Mari

Anonymous said...

'Coming to a Newsstand near you' my acceptance and participation in the Responsibilities portion of this award; as well as passing it along to some other deserving bloggers. Thank you so much for this! I am quite humbled to be recognized by one such as yourself.

Derek Jones said...

Congratulations certainly deserve it..!!

Keep up the great work :)


Sherry said...

Great post, Jim. I love Sweepy! Congrats to you!

sulekkha said...

Thank you so much for the award Jim, what a lovely way to wake up. I am honored to be on your list.

Angel Eyes said...

Ok first Congrats I sad you were fabulous , second all the blogs you mentioned are awesome, third where the hell is mine????? LOL I guess my paintings and photographs are too amature huh??? lmao sorry had to get my dig in : )

rimly said...

Jim I am so honored that you chose me as one the versatile blogger award recipient. Congratulation to you too for being bestowed with the same honor by Sweepy Jean. So you cook as well take as take amazing pictures! Thank you once again.

JIM said...

Thank You everyone.. it was a pleasure nominating all of you. Keep up the great work..and umm keep reading my blog :) lol

Aaron said...

Hey Jim,
Sorry for the delay. I haven' been on the internet very much lately. Spending most of my time catching up on sleep.

Thanks so much for the great honour. I will do my part to post my recognition by the weekend.

So my blog makes you angry sometimes? what makes you angry about it? :)

Again thanks for the great honour.